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Digging Diigo

Having just learned how to use Diigo (don’t make fun…), I am thinking about ways to use it in class to “get things done” that perhaps cannot get done as easily without a digital tool. So, here we go:

In class, when I talk about close reading — for content, for discourse moves, for language/grammar used to create the moves — I find myself going really old school. An OHP. Yes, really (don’t make fun). I print out passages from readings on transparencies, pass out pens and transparencies to groups of students, have them underline and annotate directly on the transparencies, and then present their results. I like the use of color, the tactile-ness of it all. I have recently tried this activity on google docs; while we lose the tactile element, the students can see and save all the annotations from all the groups.

Now, I want to play with websites as texts. Or, more specifically, I want students to.

I plan to find a few online samples of movie reviews — some written for a broad audience (Rotten Tomatoes?), some for a more specific one (educators, immigrant groups??) — of Spanglish, East is East, A Better Life, or some other film dealing with immigrant issues. And we will analyze/annotate the reviews with Diigo, focusing on the rhetorical moves and the types of language (evaluative and otherwise) used. We’ll see how it goes.

Next up — annotating videos — see the Ted Talk on Popcorn.


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One response to “Digging Diigo

  1. Can’t wait to watch how this assignment progresses. Also, I just learned of Popcorn. (Well, not the food kind – I eat that like there’s no tomorrow.) I’m curious to see what you think of it.

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