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online discussion/brainstorming — tools?

I am starting a new unit in my reading and composition class next week. We have read some articles and listened to some speeches about immigration reform. Now I am going to ask students to take a position on Obama’s Executive Order — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

I’d like to get a discussion/debate/brainstorm going online — reasons to support or oppose the Order, refutation or concessions of oppositional points, questions for clarification, possible theses and qualifications, links to some relevant sources, etc.

I have used bSpace Forums (UC Berkeley’s course management system’s discussion tool) in the past, but this tool is a bit clunky and a bit too linear to allow for a true brainstorm.

Suggestions so far from colleagues: Piazza and Mindmeister. Has anyone used these tools for a purpose similar to the one I describe above? Has anyone used a different tool? Suggestions?


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One response to “online discussion/brainstorming — tools?

  1. I’m giving my official vote for Piazza now that I am reading your blog post. Definitely.

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